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Protect your idea/project on the blockchain(beta)

Storing your ideas or projects using W3Safe provides secure and unalterable record-keeping on the blockchain. This decentralized network ensures records are trustworthy and not controlled by one entity.

W3Safe can be used to protect creative works that are stored and distributed on the blockchain. W3Safe can also be used to protect intellectual property rights related to inventions by using smart contracts to securely store and manage these rights on the blockchain.

What makes w3safe so powerful?
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Build aWeb3 Project


For entry-level web3 dapps


FREE for early adopters

What's included:

  • 1 web3 project including NFT, tokens and authentication options
  • 5 ideas secured on the blockchain
  • No-code smart contract and web3 portal deployment
  • 10GB of decentralized storage
  • Moonpay and Alchemy integration
Best value


Scaled infrastructure and enhanced web3 resources


FREE for a limited time and a 15% royalty on all minting with 1% of gross on secondary

What's included:

  • 3 web3 projects including advanced options and configurations
  • 20 ideas secured on the blockchain
  • Dedicated cloud-based infrastructure
  • 50GB of descentralized storage
  • Priority support


Custom features, dedicated infrastructure & SLAs


What's included:

  • Unlimited custom projects and smart contracts
  • Unlimited ideas secured on the blockchain
  • Integration with existing web2 apps and services
  • 100GB of decentralized storage
  • Advanced monitoring and notification tools
  • Support SLA
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Unleash your creativity withautomatic NFT generation.

On w3box you have an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface without the need for blockchain developers, custom code, or experience in smart contracts.

You can upload your own digital assets such as images, videos, or audio files and the platform will automatically convert them into NFTs. w3box also includes templates, to make the process even more user-friendly. w3box marketplace built-in, you can put up your NFTs for sale on the marketplace and buyers could purchase them using cryptocurrency or other forms of payment.

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Build a Web3 Project
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Scalable Architecture

Web3 meets enterprise-level stability and scalability requirements

Our web3 solution is built on next-generation technology to provide a secure, stable and scalable environment to run enterprise-level web3 applications.

We automate the process of creating different types of web3 projects like NFT collections and smart contracts, letting our clients select the features they need and customize their solutions.

Our platform leverages battle-tested, open-source software such as Kubernetes, Python, React, Ethers, TheGraph, as well as partners including Alchemy, Moonpay AWS and others.



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While w3box is working towards automating web3 development, we still have a dedicated team of amazing people available to help answer your web3 questions. Whether you build with us or not, we are here to help. Drop us a line

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